Since 1999 I am involved in the organization of one of the larger F3J competition in Europe: Hollandglide.

From 1999 I started working on software that was able to run this Hollandglide competition (with normally around 120 competitors).
That software is called F3Jscore. Now in 2005 the F3Jscore software became more of a Competition Management Tool then the ‘simple’ tool to enter the scores and calculate the result that it was first.

People who have got experience with organizing F3J competitions will admit that there are a lot of tasks that can be prepared at home, when there is time and no stress. But there are also last minute changes on the competition day itself that needs to be handled quickly and without making mistakes. All this tasks are available in the current version of the software.

  • Feel free to read trough the documentation even if you are not intending to use my software, there is a lot of information based on my experiences between the lines.
  • Feel free to download and try the software, and let me know what you think.

Latest news (24-june-2006)

F3Jscore is being localised , meaning the software can be run in several languages.

For this process I need your help !!

If you are capable of reading and understanding the english written in the documentation and used in the software, and feel that you can translate this to your native language, then please contact me.

Work is now being done for:
– Russian (by Tony Pavlov)
– Dutch (by myself)

Still in need for someone who can do :
– german

BE  WARNED Because this software has got a lot of functionality it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. I suggest that you read trough the online-help that takes you step by step trough the process of setting up and run a competition. Throughout the help pages, there is a lot of information based on my experiences with these competitions.

BE PATIENT This F3Jscore website is online since 23 march 2005. I have put the most important information online, but more will follow. Also realize that this whole project is done in ‘hobby’ time, I will try to help you as much as I can, but don’t think you are talking to a company as large as Microsoft ;-), This is a one man show!!!

May the thermals be with you

Winfried de Vries
23 march 2005


Me and the Sharon at a local competition