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There seems to be problems with running F3Jscore on windows7. This has something to do with the BorlandDatabase Engine.
Up to now I was not able to fix this problem.

Currently I’m working on the conversion from F3Jscore to use a different database engine. This will also simplify the use of the software because the new database engine will be build in the .exe files. No additional install is needed.

The last released version (using BDE) is  you can download that at the bottom of this page.
If you run into ‘strange’ messages it might be that your database is to old. In that case send me your database files so I can fix that for you.

If you are still unable to get the software running, please contact me at .

The software is delivered in two parts:

Borland Database Engine

for Windows7/64bit


If you are running Windows7 64 bit then use this version of the Borland Database Engine
Borland Database Engine

for W98/XP and W7/32bit

This software has to be downloaded and installed only once and before you try to run the F3Jscore software. The current software and future updates will be based on these files. The files will be installed using a windows setup procedure.

·        Download the,

·        unpack it in a temporarily folder

·        run the setup.exe This is a support library for F3Jscore.exe, please copy to the same folder where you install F3Jscore. Or copy to c:\windows\system

Then run from the commandline tool:
cd \windows\system
regsvr32 qtintf.dll

The F3Jscore software
Current version is

2.0 beta 12

This is a simple zip file. Unpack the file in the c:\program files\F3Jscore folder.
You will then have:

db\    folder containing database files
doc\  folder containing documentation
sql\   folder containing SQL queries that can be used

f3jscore v2.0.0.15 With this version it is possible to run the software in different languages. The software is now being translated to:

– dutch      by myself
– russian   by Tony Pavlov
– german   I still need someone for this.If you want to have the software in your own language, then please contact me. I need your help for this.


f3jscore v2.0.0.17 Release date 9-nov-2008

New version containing the new landing rules, where landing points for the first 2 meters are divided in 20cm increments.

This version is compatible with the v2.0.0.16

The download only contains the F3Jscore.exe , F3Jsetup.exe and language files.

Before unzip, make a cop of your existing .exe and language files and then unzip the fileThen all should work.

For users that are running older version then please contact me so I can help to move your data to the new version.

f3jscore v2.0.18.x released Aug 2010, executables  only.
This is the version that will be used at HollandGlide 2010 and WC-F3J in france
F3Jscore v3.x To be released begin of 2011

This version will have:
– the new FAI-F3J rules
– change of database engine to have easier install and run on newer versions of windows 

Please send me an email to with your name, country and for which competition(s) you intend to use the software. This information is only for my own administration and will not be given to others.

Because this website and the installation procedure is very new, you can contact me for any problem you find during installation or usage of the software.