More Information

Features of the F3J -score software :

  • Functionality and handling of the software is proven at several competitions. HollandGlide since 1999, Istanbul open 2004, see links
  • Relational database model.
  • Control and setup multiple competitions with one program.
  • Pilots data has to be entered once and can be used for multiple competitions.
  • All kind of user definable queries can be executed using the standard SQL language.
  • Uses standard windows printers.
  • Improved user interface to enter score’s of each round quickly.
  • All kind of forms which are needed to run a competition are available.
  • Calculate flight matrix for up to 150 pilots. Taking helper teams and frequencies into the calculation
  • Sort the teams on the start-positions. This will limit the number of line changes, so the competition will run quick.
  • Latest FAI rules regarding reflights of pilots or complete start groups is included in the software.